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Polished stainless steel bolt kits for Hot Rod chassis. No matter what type of Street Rod you are building Kustom Bitz can supply quality polished stainless steel bolts for your ride. Here at Kustom Bitz, Hot Rods are our passion and we are actively involved in the sport, so we are quite familiar with the different years and various issues when constructing a chassis for a modified hot rod. You could be building a T bucket, 28 or 29 A model, Improved A, 32 Ford, 33 to 34 Ford, 35 to 40 fords right up to 48, Chev, Dodge or other, the basic principals and construction methods are the same. If you can not see what you need here then email with your request, we most probably already have the bolt size in stock and all polished up ready to go.
Shown here is our own Hot rod project; ‘28 A model Ford Bucket getting a full refurbishment and an upgrade to latest engineering guidelines for safe hot rod construction.
IMPORTANT – Stainless Steel bolts used in suspension mountings and brake components are NOT allowed on our public roads and should NEVER be installed in such applications. Only high tensile strength grade 8 black bolts should ever be used in critical suspension and brake components to ensure maximum strength and safety for you and all other road users. This is also applicable to all off road use too. It is no use having the shiniest bolts on your hot rods underside when it is facing up on the side of the road and you or your loved ones are in an ambulance and off to the hospital.

The bolt kits we offer are to dress up the low stress components on your chassis. Kustom Bitz will not be held liable if you, or your mate, or anyone else installs our stainless steel bolts in high stress chassis components. The best advice we can give is if you do not know what you are doing then stop. Do not change anything. Now go and get advice from an automotive engineer and or a chassis shop, listen carefully to what they have to say and follow their advice.

Chassis Bolt Kits Hot Rods

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32 Ford Chassis Spreader Bars Bolt Kit

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