Weld Up Tramp Rod Kit ~ Flat Pack

Assembly article showing how to fit and weld up the component parts of the Kustom Bitz traction bars.  As with all our articles we assume you have some knowledge of what is going on, hence in this article we assume you have some fabrication experience and can weld.  In anycase this article is mainly to demonstate how the compents go together, the rest is up to you.

The Ford style lower shock absorber bracket can be easily bent in a standard garage vice to obtain the correct angle for your set up. Our brackets are a little thicker and wider than stock for added strength so you need to pay close attention when fitting up.

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The other style bracket we have is shown here. This is just one example of how to fit them; however you can bend them easily enough and place them where you need them.


Now the lower leaf spring clamp plate will need to be slotted for the forward facing part to fit in. Note that each of our range of clamp plates are slightly different in length.  It is better to slot the clamp plate rather than the forward facing bar because it ends up being stronger.


Pictures show how the parts should fit together. Note some of the longer clamp plates may have more of a gap that needs to be filled when welded.


Tack the lower clamp plate and the bottom forward facing bar parts together here as shown, and then use the set square to square them up.


Place the top forward facing plate in position and check for its fit. Note the top plate is sized for the shortest clamp plate so in some instances some material will need to be taken off the back edge of the top plate for it to fit nicely.
Tack the top plate once at the back and once at the very front and check for squareness before proceeding to weld up the whole unit.


Weld on the shocker mounts as required. Note it may pay to have a trial fit up on the car and weld the shocker mountings in position so as to avoid a cock up.

Finished tramp rod unit.

Note the low profile of the slapper bar assembly below for good ground clearance.



WARNING ; modifying car suspension components is dangerous and if not done proerly it can lead to an accident that could result in serious injury or death to yourself and others. Therefore do not attempt this work yourself if you do not have the skills to do it.  We recommend that all KustomBitz products and components are to be installed by a suitably qualified trade person or a competent person. We also state that all vehicle modifications should be done within the guidance from a certifying automotive engineer.  It is important for you to consider the safety of not only yourself but also your passengers and other road users, so please ensure your custom car, hot rod, street machine or what ever you drive is the best it can be.

KustomBitz product & installation disclaimer;

Indemnity: The installer shall indemnify Kustom Bitz, the author, its consultants, personnel and all others involved in providing our goods and services in respect of any claims, demands, damages, proceedings, costs, charges and other expenses caused by, arising out of or in any way connected with any special, consequential, direct or indirect loss, damage, harm or injury suffered by any person arising out of this document, publication, the sale or the goods and services supplied pursuant to it.

For those who fail to understand legal jargon; being dumb and ignorant is no excuse, do your homework, you need to make yourself aware, do not install parts wrong, follow the rules, make it strong and legal, and if you have stuffed up or what ever, don’t go blaming us or others, take responsibility, make it right, learn from your mistakes and move on.


How to weld up a Kustom Bitz Tramp Rod flat pack

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