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This section is primarily targeted at motivating and providing a starting stepping stone to the skilled enthusiast whom might have grandiose thoughts of glory in taking their skills to another level. At Kustom Bitz we are straight up fellas, we don’t play games hence we have put our cards on the table, ‘so do ya wanna play or what?’
If you can build stuff for Kustoms, Hot Rods, Dragsters, Pick ups or Restored cars, and have a part or tool you have made or adapted for your project, then we maybe interested in buying stock off you and marketing your product.
We are set up primarily for stocking and on selling Kustom parts on line via mail order.
I have met a lot of skilled people who have had at some time or another the inclination and the romantic thoughts of doing your own thing, by building your own parts or tools at home, or as a sideline business.
Kustom Bitz is interested in evaluating your potential product by putting it up on our web site, and when we think it appropriate, including it in our magazine advertisements and taking it along with us to Hot Rod Shows and Swap Meets to put on display on our trade stand.
What sort of products are we interested in?
Well pretty much anything to do with old cars that no one else is providing for. It could be for example extractors or an engine conversion for an obscure model or a clever adaptation of a late model part to a popular older car to keep them going. It could be reproduction panels or interior parts in steel or fibre glass, electrical, race car parts or restoration tools, the list is endless. It does not necessarily have to be big or clever it just has to be of some use and value to another enthusiast.
For example I am into Fords, I always have been, there are many parts around for old Fords already, but you may have just done a brilliant restoration or modification on an old Pontiac, Buick, Humber, International, Mazda, Toyota, etc, etc. Others and you can benefit from your experience and that is what I am getting at here. It probably won’t make you a fortune but so what, you may only ever build that one part but so what, your friends may laugh at you but so what, it will be fun and interesting for you and us at Kustom Bitz. This is about lifestyle for us, the more like minded people we can pull together the more fun we can all have.
So how would this work for you? Well we could see it working in a number of different ways depending on you, for example;
Ø      The traditional and most common way of we buy a quantity of stock off you to put into our store and we market it and resell it. We get a discount from you because we buy a production quantity from you and you get to concentrate on production and get cash flow each time you build the products. This works well for the people who want to just make things and not have to worry about sales and marketing.
Ø      Alternatively you could put consignment stock into our store and you get paid as we sell it. We typically we offer this to people who have a slow moving product (i.e. low demand for it) and or people who’s product is of a low margin to us on resale. We may also offer this type of arrangement when we have committed cash flow to other vendors stock but are keen to get you on board with us and get you up and going.
Ø      You may have made or designed a product that we can get made or fabricated in quantities some place else and you may want a portion of each sale or you may want to just sell your design to us. Typically this deal would be open to people who have no interest in developing what they have made themselves but have made something that works well and would think other enthusiasts would benefit from it being available somewhere.
Ø      Alternatively you may have another arrangement in mind that carries mutual benefits for us both.
Look we are prepared to work in with you but I will warn you that we have some expectations of our own with regards to you and your product.
Ø      Your product must be proven to work – we are not interested in prototypes. We want to see it, feel it, see it working, check out the workmanship, etc, etc….
Ø      You must be a reliable supplier – we cannot sell what we do not have. If we can shift a product we will stock it on our shelf. If you tell us it takes 4 weeks to send us each stock order, then we will allow for that when we get low. So do it in your nominated time or less consistently. We both look bad when you let us down.
Ø      At all times your business ethics and conduct will be under constant scrutiny – actions speak louder than words and we have been burnt many times before in previous ventures, so we look for poor attitudes and poor business ethics as a warning to us about you. If you are honest, keep to your word and fair then we will get along fine and may even become friends over time. If you are not honest, unreliable, manipulative, greedy, unfair, not of good character, and generally full of it, we will take swift action to cut all ties with you very quickly indeed.
Ø      Be realistic with your expectations – just because we take you on board there are no guarantees to your or our success with your product. Most successful things take a lot of time and effort, there is no such thing as an overnight success, no matter what you may have heard on the television.
What value adding can Kustom Bitz provide your product?
Ø      If needed we can write a technical paper or an installation manual, at our discretion, to support the use and promotion of your product.
Ø      Your product will appear on a rotational basis, at our discretion, with other products in our magazine advertising.
Ø      Kustom Bitz will learn all we need to know about your product to support sales so you can concentrate on other things.
Ø      If you work from home, or it is just a sideline income stream, you get a professional presence in the market with out the ongoing overhead costs.
Ø      Your product is marketed with the utmost of respect for upholding and maintaining your premium brand name should it be applicable.
Ø      We are true enthusiasts with a passion for this stuff; we actively participate and attend various events.
So what do you need to do to sell a product to Kustom Bitz?
1.                  First you need an Australian Business Number “ABN” – we will only deal with legitimate tax entities. [For example a Sole Trader with an ABN is ok & Pty Ltd Companies, etc.]
2.                  Contact us with your offer.

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