V – band clamps are a highly efficient and effective way to make a joint between two mating parts that will seal without the need for a gasket and also has the ability to quickly release.
They are robust that they can be changed many times with having fatigue or distortion problems. They are without a doubt the best way to make a quick change union in tube work. Simply slide the V band collars over your tubing and weld them on to make the joint.
These 304 grade stainless steel V-band clamps from Performance Weaponry are perfect for car exhaust systems so that the exhaust can be easily dropped out from the vehicle with relative ease. Perfect for Street and Strip drag cars and club racing circuit cars that also have to run on the street from time to time.
These V – band clamps fit snugly over imperial tube like they should. Each size clamp is designated based on it’s inside diameter so you can easily select them based on the size tube you need to place a join.

Sizes from 2” inch diameter up to 4” inch in diameter make these V-band clamps adaptable to a wide variety of tube applications, for example they can also be used to make custom inlet pipes for turbo cars with intercoolers and cold air intakes.

Exhaust V band clamp sets

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Kustom Bitz Exhaust V band clamp set - to suit 2 1/4
Kustom Bitz Exhaust V band clamp set - to suit 3 1/2
Kustom Bitz Exhaust V band clamp set - to suit 3
Kustom Bitz Exhaust V band clamp set - to suit 4

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