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Tunnel Ram Carburetor linkage - Twin 4 barrels - mounted east west

Overall Rating :
Suits AussieSpeed tunnel ram intake manifolds - Adjustable shaft position.

Product Description
Part# KB-TRAM-LINK-SET-EW Kustom Bitz manufactured here in Australia is this tunnel ram accelerator linkage kit specifically made to suit the AussieSpeed tunnel ram intake but will suit other tunnel rams.  The Aussie Speed tunnel ram intake manifold tops correctly mount the caburetors so they are level, all other brand tops are dead flat which when installed on the engine fitted in the car means the carbys end up on the same angle as the engine [not level] which can effect fuel bowl filling, performance etc.. This may or not matter to you, however the cheap chineese universal linkage kits made to suit the flat top styles, use 5/16 low quality heim joints and do not have the adjustablility in them to line up the link bar etc. between the carbies and hence are not so easy to fit to the AussieSpeed tunnel rams.
Kustom Bitz uses air craft quality 3/8 heim joints, stainless steel rod, stainless steel bell levers and stainless steel adjusters, with nickle plated brackets to make our tunnel ram link kits. Includes the bracket to connect the accelerator cable.  This set up stands alone, all mounted off the carby bases, there is no need to make or adapt brackets up from the intake manifold base like most other brands.  You can run twin Vac Sec carbys or twin double pumpers.

Other features.
For automatic cars you can mount our kick down cable bracket to the accelerator cable mount as an extra when required.

This part number is for mounting the carburetors in the East - West position [fuel bowls to the sides].  The main advantage of this mounting is better firewall clearance from the back and easier hook up position for the accelerator cable as the accelerator cable ends up in a similar position as if it were on a single carb intake.

Kustom Bitz can fit and install at our workshop in Croydon VIC or we can custom tailor a link set up to suit your application. All fitting and custom work is done at an hourly rate.

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